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Archive for October, 2010

More Zando

Where can we find more Zandolie songs???

Tell us here so we could tell others…..


Too Much Man Family

Write all yuh family name and present it to Zandolie

This is the real deal here…Zandolie yuh win!!!


De Whip

I use to ride goat, dog, mule, hog, them fat police horse an with d length an size ah meh whip yuh loss *weak*

Zandolie has no cover for his mouth and take eeeen Gypsy and David Rudder in back up…..ah LOVE IT!!

Merchant of Venice

Kaiso Kaiso….if you want my money is ah pound ah yuh flesh for security!!

De Iron Man

Before ah could put on meh clothes…all meh iron expose!!  I love Zandolieeeee

De Stickman

Tell me de story Zando, talk to we…


Sylvester Anthony aka Zandolie, dubbed the original “rude bwoy” of calypso.  The 1960s and 1970s was hot with Zandolie’s smuts….so d man rude!!



Fire Fire


And I love how she continues the fight against Breast Cancer!

Calypso Rose

McArtha Linda Sandy-Lewis aka Calypso Rose…undoubtedly a pioneer.